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What is Tai Chi Chuan


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There are two theories regarding the History of Tai Chi Chuan. 
Theory #1 - Around the Yuan and Ming Dynasty - Chang Sanfeng - about 600-700 years ago lived in Shaolin Temple and went to WuDang Mountain and created Tai Chi. He saw a crane fighting with a snake. The crane was always hard. The snake would yield and follow the crane and did not resist and so he didn't lose his life to the crane. Hard was controlled by soft.
Theory #2 - Created by Chen Family about 300 years ago by Chen Wangting.

There are about a handful of major Tai Chi styles and Yang style is the most widely practiced and followed in the world. This form was conceptualized by The Great Master Yang Lu Chan about 170 years ago and has been sincerely passed down to posterity. Master Yang Jun is the 6th Generation direct descendant of the Yang Style Tai Chi founder, Yang Lu Chan. 

Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan) is a Chinese martial art. It is one of the “internal” martial arts, along with Xingyiquan and Baguazhang. Tai Chi Chuan practice method is: to relax (song) into softness, unified softness becomes hardness, hardness and softness support each other. Tai Chi Chuan emphasizes how to confront an enemy: “He does not move, I do not move; he starts to move, I have already moved; I start late and control first”. Tai Chi Chuan is sticking and adhering, connecting and following; not separating and not resisting; bend to become straight again; relaxed and extended; internally and externally consistent; use stillness to control their movement; use softness to control hardness. Ward-off, rollback, press, push, pull, split, elbow, shoulder-stroke are the eight basic “energies”. Forward, back, look left, look right, and keep centered are the five “steps”, the basic footwork. Combined, they are also known as the Thirteen Postures. Tai Chi Chuan practice includes Hand Form, Push Hands, Sword and Saber Forms.

The Benefits

Tai Chi is a holistic approach to wellness (including mind, body, and spirit) and concentrates on relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind. The focus and calmness cultivated by the meditative aspect of Tai Chi has proven exceptional in maintaining optimum health (especially in the sense of relieving stress and maintaining homeostasis). Researchers have found that Tai Chi practice shows favorable effects on the promotion of balance control, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

For more on Tai Chi and your health, you can visit The Online Tai Chi and Health Information Center funded by the U.S. government at http://www.americantaichi.net. In 2003, the National Library of Medicine, the largest medical library in the world and subdivision of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, awarded a grant to American Tai Chi and Qigong Association to build a website titled “The Tai Chi & Consumer Health Information Center”. The information center was officially launched in 2004 and has since then been providing scientific, reliable, and comprehensive information about various health benefits of Tai Chi – for arthritis, diabetes, fall prevention, pain reduction, mental health, cardiovascular diseases, fitness, and general well-being.

A recent article from the New York Times calls Tai Chi a Stress Reducer and continues by saying: “There is no question that tai chi can reduce stress.’ For complete article, see: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/28/health/28brody.html?_r=2 .

Our Instructor 

 Our school of training is lead by Grandmaster Jerry B McCleary of the Serbatik Family System. Mr. McCleary has been studying Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan for over 30  years and has worked with several Tai Chi practitioner from all around the world. He is a member of the Yang Family Style originating from the direct family lineage.  
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Maha Guru McCleary started his training in 1976 under Sensei Greg Chadick. He has trained in arts such as Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Kali, Vee Arnis, Pentjak Silat, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Fu Jow Pai, Ju-Jitsu, Sambo, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Lameco Escrima, Aijukemar Ryu, Kempo, Boxing, and Sanuces Ju-Jitsu. Maha Guru McCleary has been training in the martial arts for over 40 years of continual study and is proud to not only be a senior instructor but still a student of the arts. He has been teaching in the Knoxville area for over 15 years, primarily as a private instructor focusing on individual instruction and seminars.

Some of Maha Guru McCleary's direct instructors have been some of the foremost martial artists of the present time, including:
Maha Guru Victor de Thouras - Founder of the VDT Pentjak Silat Federation
Tuhon William McGrath - President of Pekiti Tirsia International
Sifu Larry Hartsell- Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association
Guru Zach Whitson - Mataas Na Guro of Pekiti Tirsia International
Guru Chris Gielen - Instructor Pentjak Silat Serak
Guru Mike Roberts - Instructor Pentjak Silat Serak

Maha Guru McCleary has been training in the martial arts for over forty years and has obtained several levels of achievement:

Maha Guru Serbatik (Grandmaster and Founder)

Mataas Na Guro Pekiti Tirsia Kali (Master Instructor)

Pentjak Silat Serak Elder Council Member (Former)

Pentjak Silat Serak Association Eastern United States Senior Representative (Former)

Tennessee State Director for the Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association (Former)

Jeet Kune Do Instructor

JKD Kali-Silat Instructor

Sanuces Ju-Jitsu Shodan

Jun Fan Gung Fu Instructor

Tai Chi Chuan Instructor

Boxing Trainer

Maha Guru McCleary has been training since 1976 and has trained with several of the foremost martial artists of the present time:

1976 - Sensei Greg Chadick

1988 - Sifu West ( Tai Chi/Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Kali)

1993 - Simo Eldridge (Tai Chi Chuan, Shiatzu, Tuin na)

1995 -Guro Richard Bustillo (Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Ju-Jitsu)

1995 -Prof. Charles Allen (Sanuces Ju-Jitsu, Vee-Arnis, Aikjukemar-Ryu)

1996 -Sifu Larry Hartsell (Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Lameco Escrima, Lacoste Insanto Kali, Pentjak Silat, Tai Chi, Shoot Wrestling, Brazillian Ju-Jitsu)

1997 - Awarded Shodan in Sanuces-Ju-Jitsu from Prof. Charles Allen

1998 - Master Chai (Thai Boxing) - Tuhon Guro William McGrath (Pekiti Tirsia Kali) - Guro Dan Insanto (Insanto Kali, Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do)

1999 - Awarded State Director for the June Fan/Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association under Sifu Larry Hartsell - Awarded Guro Isa in the Art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali by Tuhon Guro William McGrath

2001 - Maha Guru Victor de Thouras (Pentjak Silat Serak)

2002 - Awarded State Director for Pentjak Silat Serak by Maha Guru Victor de Thouras - Ring of Fire (Maha Guru Victor de Thouras, Guru Ustad Dan Insanto, Maha Guru Muda Vanatta, Guru Steven Plinck, Guru Andre Knust Graichen)

2003 - Awarded Pembantu Guru & Senior Representative for the Eastern United States in Pentjak Silat Serak from Maha Guru Victor de Thouras

2004 - Guest Instructor at the Ring of Fire in Las Vegas, Nevada - Appointed to the Council of Elders of Pentjak Silat Serak - Named the Coordinator of the System of Pentjak Silat Serak - Awarded Mataas Na Guro (Master Instructor) in the System of Pekiti Tirsia by Tuhon Bill McGrath 2005 - Founded the System of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Serbatik

2009 - Created the Threat Assessment & Response Potential Program (TARPP) designed for law enforcement and military agencies

2011- Founded the Combat Silat System

2013 - Established the Combat Cross Training system

2018 - TARPP became the Safety and Security Organization for the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors (KAAR) 

2018 - Spokesperson for Summit Medical Diabetes Prevention using Tai Chi Chuan to establish wellness for diabetes prevention and recovery